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Liner Representation.

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With a population of over 550,000 people and a surface area of 153sq. km, Malta’s domestic trade is limited but interesting, considering that the deviation to call at Malta is negligible (7km on a straight line from Straits of Gibraltar to Suez Canal) and port costs are amongst the cheapest in the Mediterranean.

Our approach to the representation of a liner service includes:

  • Comprehensive market study on the intended trade route including: Traffic Flows, Commodities, Market Rates, Competition, Clients.
  • Analysis by market segmentation.
  • Development of a realistic sales strategy.
  • Assignment of a trade manager and sales force.
  • Detailed cost analysis at Malta in respect of discharging and loading full/empty containers, storage of containers, container cleaning and repairs, amongst others.
  • Container control setup.
  • Client response desk.
  • Accounting and control procedures.

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