Focal Maritime

United Feeder Services L.P.

The company was founded on 1/1/1999 by merging the activities of three major feeder operators in the Mediterranean. UFS objective is to operate the most reliable and efficient feeder services in the Mediterranean and Black Sea in support of ocean carriers' transhipment operations. In 2011, UFS expanded its services to the N.Continent and the Red Sea.


UFS is an independent company offering first class feeder services with the most comprehensive network of connections, serving the hub ports of Malta, Cagliari, Piraeus, Damietta, Port Said East/West, Constanza in the Black Sea, Hamburg, Jeddah and Khorfakkan. UFS expects to carry during 2013, about 900,000 Teus. UFS provides 30 different rotations, calling at 50 ports in the Mediterranean, N.Europe, Black Sea, Red Sea and Arab Gulf.


UFS utilises about 40 feeder vessels of various capacities (from 400 TEU up to 1700 TEU) according to the requirements of various routes. Additional 'slot agreements' enhance further the range of services offered to our clients.


UFS provides direct connections among 50 Mediterranean, N.Europe, Black Sea, Red Sea and Arab Gulf ports plus additional interport connections through transhipment at hub ports.