Focal Maritime

Chartered Shipbrokers fellow lectures at IMLI


Mr. Godwin Xerri (Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and Managing Director of Focal Maritime Services Co., Ltd. Malta) visited the Institute and delivered a series of lectures on Management and Operation of Ships, Charterparties and Documentation, and Proprietary Interests on Ships.

Drawing from his considerable experience, Mr. Xerri through his lectures explained the commercial practices and procedures for the sale and purchase of second-hand ships. During his presentations, enriched by his practical knowledge, he put into perspective the commercial considerations and decision taken in the context of ship management, operation and chartering. Mr. Xerri also stressed that it should be always remembered that shipping is in continuous development and does not operate in isolation but in an environment with plenty of interaction amongst the various subjects of commerce and in particular amongst the many players involved in the transport chain.

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